Duntroon Highlands Golf Club Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Stayner, ON

Duntroon Highlands Golf Undergoes Extensive Improvements

Since Duntroon Highlands changed hands in 2019, the new owners have been working with many local businesses and community partners to create a premier recreational destination in Clearview Township.  Over the last 18 months, they have invested more than a quarter million dollars in renovations and improvements to this unique golf property, working with local

Critical Golf Equipment- Why You Need It at Duntroon Highlands

This Golf Equipment Makes a Difference  At Duntroon Highlands By Head Golf Pro Tony Rubes Grips – If you haven’t changed your grips in over two years and you play fairly regularly it is time to get new grips. Worn out grips cause tension from holding on too tight and tension is a swing killer.

Tony’s Top Ten Must Have List for the 2021 Golf Season

Get Ready for Golf at Duntroon  Highlands with the right Equipment and Expert Advice By Head Golf Pro Tony Rubes Click on image to view Tony’s Top 10 video at DHTV 1. Sand Wedge – As with the Gap Wedge some sets do not come with a Sand Wedge. Some people think that Sand Wedges

Caddy Shack Takeout Menu May 1 2021

Delicious Grab & Go Specials   From the Grill > Prime Rib beef burger with cheddar cheese on a house-baked brioche > Locally made grilled Octoberfest sausage topped with sauerkraut Sandwiches> Breakfast Sandwich- Made with grilled local peameal bacon, a free-range egg and Swiss cheese, served up on an English muffin (order early- last one

Duntroon Highlands Voted Favourite Golf Course near Collingwood and Blue Mountain

5 reasons you should come up and play​ Duntroon Highlands has been voted the #1 golf course in South Georgian Bay by Simcoe.com.   Here’s why: 1. Breathtaking Views Nestled high up on the Niagara Escarpment, we are famous for our great views of South Georgian Bay. Explore Our Course 2. An Adventurous Course It’s exciting

2022 Flex Packs Give Golfers Ultimate Flexibility at Duntroon Highlands

One of the best golf deals around!  Choose how and when you want to play golf, no limits.  Choose the 9 hole or 18 hole Flex Pack based on what you play most often. The Flex Pack is ideal for anyone playing in any of our leagues. 9 HOLE x 10 GAME FLEX PACK  

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